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Body Slimming Heat Maximizing Mineral Infused

Active Womens Shorts

Active womens shorts are comfortable, can be worn to work out or just to the store. Available in regular and high waisted. Find your style today
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Body Slimming Regular Shorts

Body Slimming Collection helps contour one's silhouette while maintaining ease of movement, The collection utilizes Revolutional Slim fabric embedded with micro-encapsulated fibers rich in healthy natural ingredients like retinal, fatty acids, aloe and vitamin E.
Designed to slowly release the ingredients during body contact, the Bio-Contour Collection helps to leave skin looking smoother and moisturized.

Benefits May Include:
Smoother Looking Skin
Reduced Swelling and Water Retention
Shape Wear Provides Visable Slimming of the Tummy, Thighs, Hips and Rear

Our Price: $38.00
Dark Slate Grey Shorts for Women

It is time to pump up your silhouette with some hotness in this dark slate grey shorts which comes with a formfitting finesse and a cutting edge shape. The sleek looking shorts has a great line and length , and the elastic waistband makes it convenient to wear. Comfortable to wear due to the use of high quality material, this one is a must have for women who love to sweat out in stylish ensembles at the gym.

Our Price: $40.00
Mineral Infused High Waist Shorts

Mineral infused shorts are and innovative performance fabric that sculpts your body. This fabric helps with a flawless fit helps during the sports or even water sports.
These shorts are infused with a varity of minerals that is activated by your body heat during your work out. These minerals can help reduce muscle fatigue and increase circulation.

Our Price: $40.00

These active womens shorts can be worn for any thing, going out for a jog, there are loose fitting and gym ready short. the colors , the styles and the various fabrics are for every day use.

Active womens shorts
are also available in body sculpting, heat maximizing and mineral infused, they can be high waisted or sit just below the belly button.

Some are made to dry quickly and keep you dry and fresh all day. There are form fitting that create a nice silhouette for the wearer, and giving the wearer a sense of confidence and comfort.

There are styles for yoga enthusiast, for joggers and the avid work out or body builder artist. Some of the active womens shorts styles and be worn to a pool party, back yard bar b que or the beach over the top of your bathing suit.
All active womens shorts can be worn every day to do every thing you want to do, every place you want to go. They are very stylish and chic, can be worn with a tee shirt or jacket, creating a very casual or classy look.
Hence these active womens shorts can be your pick for this summer!